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For small scale to large commercial projects, KNS Metals is sure to provide the most effective and efficient solution within our capabilities.

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About Us

KNS METALS is a versatile business represented by the knowledgeable team with 30 years experience in the sheet metal industry.

Who We Are

Melbourne’s Leading Providers of Cutting-Edge Sheet Metal Fabrication

KNS Metals is a specialised manufacturer purely focused on cutting, punching, forming, and fabrication, represented by a knowledgeable and experienced team with over 30 years of industry experience. KNS Metals is an Australian family owned business that has established a network of suppliers and partners in the sheet metal and engineering industry. The company ensures that high quality sheet metal parts are manufactured and delivered on time to our valued customers. Our engineers strive to exceed the expectations of our customers to enjoy a long-term business relationship. The parts are manufactured to the design drawing specifications provided by the customers. We deliver manufactured parts in a packaging prepared to the customer specifications with timely communication at every stage.

KNS Metals strive to manufacture and supply the most effective and efficient solutions within our capabilities for meeting the specified requirements of the small- and large-scale commercial projects.

We use state of the art technology of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) that ensures high precision is achieved to meet the design specifications, quality, finish, packaging, and timely deliveries consistent to the agreement.

In the recent past we have expanded our facilities adding most modern equipment such as Fibre-Optic CNC laser cutting fully automatic light to heavy sheet metal cutting machine of high precision.


Quality – A project is only as good as the materials and the machines used to shape it. We’re proud of our quality workshop and powerful machines, including the 31-station, indexing CNC Turret Punch. With state-of-the-art laser cutting and welding machines, we can create any dimension of metal sheets for your specific needs.


Experience – We are the market leader in custom design and fabrication of steel and sheet metal products. With over 30 years’ experience succeeding in the industry, we have the confidence and know-how that comes with longevity. Since we’ve worked with so many clients in Victoria and beyond, our experience spans industries and approaches, meaning that no matter what your needs, we’ll help you find a tailored solution.


Design – Creativity is another area in which we excel. While you might expect a company with over 30 years of experience to be set in their ways, that’s not the case with us. We recognise the unique importance of keeping an open mind to fulfil bespoke processing projects and are always excited to discover a new solution to a problem that pushes the limits of what we can do.

Lead Times

Turnaround – Your time is important, and we respect that. We understand that you are often waiting for the results of steel fabrication before you can complete an outstanding project. Thus, we work swiftly for you. We strive to keep turnaround times under seven days. From the first conversation to final delivery, our dedicated team will work hard to finish the project so that you can get to work.










Lead Times



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