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How does laser cutting work?

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How does laser cutting work?

For the past 60 years, laser cutting has been applied by industries on a global scale to precisely cut a range of materials, from pure diamond to timber, using a high-powered laser beam. As laser cutting processes continue to grow and be utilised at an industrial level, its popularity and accessibility are now extending to schools, local sole traders, small creative businesses, and artistic dabblers.

What Is Laser Cutting Used For?

As evidenced by the name, laser cutting is a fabrication process that uses a powerful laser beam to cut and etch custom designs, patterns, and shapes into a range of materials, as outlined by the designer.

The process uses a high-powered laser to cut material to specific designs using mirrors to reflect and guide the beam. Designs are executed with the use of computer-aided design (known as CAD) tools, to support the cutting process, allowing the user to achieve the exact measurements, patterns, and dimensions they need.

It uses heat-driven fabrication methodology (known as thermal-based) and is the perfect tool for custom designing several materials, including fabric, marble, wood, plastic, metal, glass, stone, paper, acrylic, and more. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Laser Cutter Service?

Regardless of if you work in manufacturing, want to try your hand at laser cutting, have a product you’d like custom made, or simply want to know more about the process, you may find yourself wondering about the advantages of using this technology.

If you’re questioning if laser cutting really is better than using traditional methods, punches and other cutting tools then read on, as we’ve put a quick guide together to help you make your decision. Don’t forget, KNS Metals can do the work for you, too, through our extensive range of laser cutting services!

Fast Results:  

If you want results quickly, this technology is for you. The process is extremely quick, especially when compared to other techniques, and since it is automated, the possibility of human error is extremely minimal.

Precision Is Key:

Since the process is computerised, results are second to none. The powerful laser is concentrated only on the design or cut specifications, meaning no splintering, melting, or inaccurate dimensions occur.

Clean Lines:

Since the material being cut is not required to touch any other material (such as saws, hammers, or punched) the final result is clean and not contaminated with any other tool.

No Heat Damage:

Although a thermal-based process, the laser cut is so hot and sharp that warping at the cut site does not occur as in the case with other heat-driven cutting methods.

Flawless Design:

The versatility of the laser cutting process allows for delicate and immaculate engraving on various mediums.


Less energy is required to work with materials in comparison to other traditional methods, meaning cost saving is passed onto the customer.

Possibilities are Endless:

You can choose from a range of materials that can be safely cut and/or engraved, including Acrylic, Aluminium, Cardboard, Ceramic, Porcelain, Cork, Cotton, Felt, Glass, Granite, Leather, Marble, MDF, Paper, Polypropylene (PP), Slate, Stainless Steel, Stone tiles, and Wood.