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What type of sheet metal?

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What type of sheet metal?

What type of sheet metal fabrication is suitable for me?

There is a large variety of trusted sheet metal fabrication techniques available, but some may be more suitable for specific applications than others. Understanding the various processes will help you decide which path to take and how best to fulfil your objectives.

The following is a basic rundown of the different fabrication techniques to help you make a decision.


Sheet metal stamping occurs when formations are made in the material using a progressive dye or done simultaneously. This method is usually necessary when you have a repeat high-volume need for a product, as you can fabricate many pieces in quick succession.

Bending & forming

When you have to create two or three-dimension shaped pieces on a shoestring, sheet metal bending and forming – using a press brake metal bending or CNC – is typically the best option. You can produce multiple shapes to support various quantities of low to high-volume runs on a budget. This is also a great option if you want to make small tweaks to the overall finished product further down the line and cut back or eliminate tooling costs altogether.

Tube bending & fabrication

This style is perfect for creating close shapes at an accelerated rate and with a high degree of accuracy. For those looking for a highly sophisticated option with outstanding results, this avenue is the most ideal.

Precision sheet

If you have incredibly exact requirements for your product, precision sheet metal fabrication is your go-to technique. This process allows you to stamp, form, bend, shear, punch, finish and weld with exceptional accuracy and consistency.

CNC Laser Cutting

If you have a project which requires accuracy, speed and intricacy this would be the best technique to use. CNC Laser cutting is efficient and precise, streamlining production and fabrication. 

CNC turret punching

CNC turret punching is the ultimate option for when you have to create squares, holes or essentially any shape in flat metal sheets. This technique is ideal for this kind of approach, as it provides very precise results. It’s also significantly cheaper to conduct, especially with medium or large quantity orders. Turret punching also produces good alignment and uniform features between sizes and stock tools.

Robotic welding

If your end product or components require welding joining materials or parts together, robotic welding is the best choice for your job. This automatic welding technique can create high-quality, highly accurate and consistent results in a short period of time.

Manual welding

This is best for custom or lower volume orders, as you might want to trust your own hands over robotic welding.

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