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For small scale to large commercial projects, KNS Metals is sure to provide the most effective and efficient solution within our capabilities.

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Laser Cutting Services

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Precision Cutting

KNS Metal services include the use of various C02 and Fibre lasers incorporated with advanced features and technology giving us the ability to manufacture high quality parts efficiently.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • Mild Steel up to 25mm
  • Aluminium up to 12mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 12mm
  • Zinc & Galvanised Standard sizes
Laser Cutting Projects

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CNC Folding Services

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Expert Press Brakes

KNS Metals offers a high-class folding service with the use of multiple 7 axis cnc press brakes equipped with laser safe guarding systems providing accurate results. Tight Tolerance Folding with accurate positioning available which allows complex parts to take shape.


7 – Axis CNC Folding Machine, Bend Length up to 4200mm.

CNC Folding Services

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Metal Perforation Services

View our perforation services.

Premier Perforation

KNS Metals provides the use of specialised machinery such as Turret Punches with an extensive tooling range which gives us the ability to manufacture a high volume of metal perforated products.


Various materials available:

  • Mild Steel: Up to 3 mm Thickness
  • Aluminium: Up to 3 mm
  • Zinc Seal / Alum: Up to 3 mm
  • Galvanized Steel: Up to 3 mm
  • Stainless Steel: Up to 2 mm
  • Other available on discussion
Metal Perforation Services

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Welding Services

View our welding services.


In-house Welding and Fabricating services for both standard and complex projects. Certified and Experienced welders to present high quality products.


MIG, TIG, SPOT & Stud Welding
Material: Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and others upon request

Fabrication Services

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Concept/ Design



Quality Checks

If you are interested in having KNS provide assistance on your business’s aluminium solution, or would like to find out more about our extensive service, please feel free to contact our friendly engineering team.