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For small scale to large commercial projects, KNS Metals is sure to provide the most effective and efficient solution within our capabilities.

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Protective Window Shrouds

Protective Window Shrouds




Dandenong’s Leading Aluminium Welding Team

Have you been looking to shift to a local service provider for all of your welding needs? With over 30 years’ experience supporting the greater Melbourne and Australian-wide industries, KNS Metals has the in-house expertise and equipment needed to get your job done – from mig to spot welding and everything in between.
We offer full-scale manufacturing, production, and finishing services from powder coating to component assembly, CNC Folding and CAD design. Need to get your job completed on the run? One of our industry markers is our standard of efficiency and precision – we can get your job done fast without sacrificing detail or cutting corners.
Interested in getting started? Feel free to reach out to our local team and learn more about the benefits of working with a national supplier for all of your sheeting work today.

Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Spot Welding and More

If you’re looking for a new or more local welder, our team may be the perfect fit for you. As a full-service metalworking group, we have the capacity and equipment needed for custom manufacturing and production jobs, powder coating and turret punching. By having the option to design, create and finish our materials end-to-end, we’re able to control the quality, longevity and durability of the sheets we work on.
Don’t need a full service? Fortunately, we’re able to accommodate small-to-large scale projects and have the option to support your group once-off or become your go-to provider.
As for welding services, we’re able to treat the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

We also have the capacity and equipment needed to finish spot, mig and tig welding projects.
Are you looking for more insight or have a custom project request? Our friendly team has the expertise needed to talk you through your supply chain and manufacturing or finishing processes to see how you can save money and time. If you’re ready to get started, we can lock in your first custom consult at a time that best suits you.

Serving Dandenong and Greater Melbourne

With our long-running local experience, we have fine-tuned our processes and procedures and built a large network of industry partners. Working with KNS Metals can keep your project ahead of schedule and under budget, both now and in the future. We know who and where to source all of your materials and services from.
Ready to get started? We would love to speak with you about your next big task, as we’re continually taking on new clients and finding innovative ways to meet their project needs.
We’ll support you every step of the way. With the option to deliver manufactured parts and an open communication process to ensure that your project meets your needs and expectations, we’re sure our team will quickly become your favourite industry supplier.
Reach out to KNS Metals today – we’re always the best supplier for the job.