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For small scale to large commercial projects, KNS Metals is sure to provide the most effective and efficient solution within our capabilities.

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Get Greener with Steel Planter Boxes

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Get Greener with Steel Planter Boxes

Get Greener with Steel Planter Boxes

If you’re inspired to get out and add a herb garden to your backyard or patio, our planter boxes provide you with a modern, practical solution for all your gardening needs.

Level up your backyard, balcony or patio with a convenient, portable solution that allows you to shift your garden around should you decide to move house – or perhaps you simply fancy transitioning it to a different location so you can freshen things up.


We never settle for less than high quality finishes and consistent, timely deliveries, with custom design projects and specifications readily accommodated for by our manufacturing team. Continually relying on leading technology to meet our commitment to provide quality materials and outcomes, CNC, CAD, and CAM applications ensure that every piece we make hits the mark every time.


If you’re looking for a local provider who knows the ins and outs of this trade, speak with our in-house specialist team today. From perforations, powder coating, and CNC folding and cutting, we can be your go-to supplier to keep your most important projects on the go.

Laser Steel Services Backed by Precision and Efficiency

As a leading manufacturer of these products, we are an industry go-to for services that can be customised to meet your project needs. Relying on state-of-the-art C02 and Fibre lasers such as Bystronic, Yawei and Penta, our cutting services can accommodate the following capabilities and features:

  • Mild Steel up to 25mm
  • Aluminium up to 12mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 12mm
  • Zinc & Galvanised Standard size

Knowing that many projects will require our team to customise cutting solutions to our client’s specifications and design, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that we measure as many times as necessary and cut once to give you the perfect product outcome.

Superior Outcomes and Fast, Effective Production

Knowing our products, materials and client needs like the back of our hand, we’re certain to find you a cost-effective local solution to keep your manufacturing and projects on the go.


Instead of outsourcing your manufacturing and cutting to overseas suppliers, speak with us to see how you can streamline your production processes from an Australian provider who understands the local market. With the capacity to accommodate small scale projects up to large commercial needs, we have a reputation as a go-to market provider that regularly surpasses our client expectations and needs.


Dedicated to maintaining our position as one of Melbourne’s leading metal suppliers, our commitment to quality, customer service and efficiency guides all of the work that we do. From hands-on consultations to manufacturing and delivery, we work to nurture our client and industry partnerships to retain our authority status in the metalworking game.


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide you with excellent products and services, speak with one of our in-house experts today.

Our Solutions

Our services include the use of various C02 and Fibre lasers and familiar names such as Bystronic, Yawei and Penta. The laser machines are incorporated with advanced features and technology such as:

  • Edge detection
  • NC Pressure Control
  • Precitec Auto focus cutting head
  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Siemens 840D CNC control system

Our laser machines give you the ability to achieve custom designs or the appropriate outcomes for designs you have in mind, with the correct levels of precision. To find out more or have a look at our machines give us a call today with details provided in our contact page.