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For small scale to large commercial projects, KNS Metals is sure to provide the most effective and efficient solution within our capabilities.

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Component Assembly

Component Assembly

Component Assembly

Component Assembly

Component Assembly

Sheet Metal Assembly Experts – Based in Melbourne

To be able to get a finished sheet metal product, at times assembly may be needed with the use of inserts, fasteners, studs and self-clinch nuts. Once all of the individual sheet metal parts and components have been prepared and cut, we can take care of all of your needs.
This is one of the most important parts of assembling a final product, as no matter how well cut and manufactured the individual components are, the final product is what matters.

Our team offers the most reputable sheet metal assembly services in Melbourne, using a wide range of processes and inserts, fasteners, studs, rivets, standoffs, self-clinch nuts and other materials.
You should never compromise when it comes to metal fabrication, as a poorly completed job not only looks bad but jeopardises the longevity, durability and functionality of the product. Our highly qualified and experienced team use Haeger Fastener insert equipment, which has a strong reputation worldwide for providing accurate manufacturing finishes.
No matter what kind of assembly you’re looking for, we have the technology and the experience to deliver the best possible finish, using methods including:

  • Mechanical: This involves using hardware and fasteners for a metal assembly that requires flexibility. This is ideal for products that may require disassembly in the future.
  • Brazing and soldering: Filler metals are used to connect two components, commonly used for more intricate products like electronics and plumbing.
  • Welding: The best option when you need permanent structure and strength. When you need the highest strength levels in your joints, this is the best option for you. Our team has the skill and experience for all levels of welding, from fusing large pieces of sheet metal through to intricate assembly processes. Spot welding is also available for semi-permanent structures.
  • Rivets: Almost as strong as welding but more cost-effective, the use of rivets is best solution for large-scale constructions or mass production assemblies.

Be sure to check out our full range of services available for all industries across the Greater Melbourne Region, including:

Powder coating

Add strength and visual appeal to any fabrication with our economical and long-lasting powder coating solutions. Protect any surface from wear and tear, including chipping, scratches and fading from the sun, with our durable range of powder coating. This is more effective than simple paint and available in a striking range of colours.


Our team is fully qualified and highly experienced, so you can rely on total quality for even the most advanced welding and fabrication jobs. We offer both MIG and TIG welding solutions along with spot and stud jobs of all size and scales. Our team specialises in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. We’re also available to work with other materials on request.

Laser cutting

Whether you’re after an intricate design for a single sheet or 3D construction, or you need mass-produced materials for large-scale manufacturing or construction projects, we can help.
Using the latest laser cutting technologies, our services are available for all builders, engineers, designers, mining operations and more in the Melbourne region. We’ll deliver the most accurate results under tight deadlines.
For more information on any of our services, contact us on (03) 9706 4808 or email us at sales@knsmetals.com.au.