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Tube Laser Cutting

Rotary Laser Cutting for Melbourne

We have all of your laser cutting requirements in Melbourne covered with the latest rotary technology, where nothing but precision suffices.

Custom laser cutting is the preferred choice for engineers due to the numerous benefits this technique offers compared to traditional mechanical methods. Featuring software controls and the laser itself, you can be assured of the most precise results, including sheet metal, tube cutting and much more.

Time is money in any industry, and this method is far more efficient than other processes as no tools need to be exchanged. It’s also much faster than traditional mechanical ones.

Accuracy is assured to within +/-0.1 mm, no after treatment is required, and the fully automated process means you can have identical materials mass-produced in a short amount of time. Rotary cutting is an invaluable process for many industries, including:


For constructions to meet specific regulations and standards, be durable and stand up to weather events, precision is essential. This technique is being incorporated into construction tasks more and more as it delivers that precision with unique and bespoke designs.

The sheer speed of this form of fabrication means you can improve your project lead times and increase your economy of scale by producing multiple components at once.


The requirements of mining operations are more diverse than almost any other industry, which is why the rotary technique is the perfect solution. The automated process and no need to change tools mean a wide variety of products can be cut into shape in a very short period, making this process ideal for all mining operations. This extends to replacement parts for machinery.

Architectural and art

The beauty of this method is that the same accuracy that speeds up the process can also create intricate designs. It opens a new world for the design process of buildings and can also be used for modern, unique art installations.

Manufacturing and engineering

There is little room for error when it comes to mass production. The precision of this procedure makes it the preferred choice of engineers in all manufacturing operations.

Shop fitting and retail fitouts

You don’t have to adopt a cookie-cutter approach and use off-the-shelf fit-out options for your brick-and-mortar outlet(s). Lasers allow you to have precise, bespoke fit-out solutions to tailor your shopfront to your requirements and make it attractive for customers.

Hobbyist requirements

Rotary cutting isn’t just about the mass production of industrial products. Hobbyists are rapidly adopting it as the creative potential is enormous. 3D shapes can be cut into shapes as quickly and accurately as flat materials. There is also scope for engraving, carving, unique shapes, patterns and designs.

Traditional flatbed laser cutting services are also available for all of your precision metal needs. We have the latest technologies for precise fabrication of all metals for the manufacturing industry and other requirements.

We are your premier metal fabricators in Melbourne. Contact us on (03) 9706 4808 or email through your specifications to sales@knsmetals.com.au.