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Aluminium Vs Wood Protective Window Shrouds

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Aluminium Vs Wood Protective Window Shrouds

Are you looking for a modern way to update your window awnings? Or are you looking for ways to add extra protection from harsh rain and sun to your security screen? 

At KSN Metals, we know how transformative a quality, modern window design can be to homes across Australia. Here’s what you need to know when deciding between wood and aluminium window shrouds. 

What is a Window Shroud? 

A window shroud is an architectural feature that provides multiple benefits like sun-shading, rain defence, and additional privacy to buildings. Their striking shapes and designs can enhance and contrast the façade of any home whilst offering quality protection from the elements. These modern window awnings can be made from popular materials like aluminium and wood to suit your personal needs. 

Why Invest in Window Shrouds? 

1. A Modern Window Design for Sun Shading

Window shrouds help counter the impact of the sun. By fitting the awnings around your window frame, sun rays are redirected away from your window, allowing you to enjoy the presence of natural light with protection from extreme heat. 

2. Privacy with Modern Window Awnings  

On their own, most windows offer little privacy protection. Onlookers can likely see through your windows unless you have closed curtains or blinds. The addition of window shrouds helps to prevent a direct view into rooms from all angles, increasing the security of your home. 

3. Striking Aesthetics with Modern Windows 

If you want to make your home stand out from the rest, window shrouds can easily enhance the outdoor aesthetics of your building by adding eye-catching colour or finish to the façade. 

4. Protection Against Rain, Wind & Other Weather with a Modern Window Design 

We experience extreme weather conditions in Australia. From blazing sun to torrential rain, the addition of window shrouds and awnings can help to increase security and protect your home from adverse effects caused by raging weather. For example, the shroud’s protrusions can prevent rainwater from reaching your windows, preventing it from penetrating the exterior of your home.

5. Reduce Energy Bills with a Window Shroud 

Window awnings, shrouds or a screen can help reduce your bills by making your home more energy efficient. At a time when bills are rising, deflecting the sun helps your rooms benefit from cooler, fresher temperatures, meaning you do not need to rely on your air-conditioning as much this summer.  

Aluminium vs Wood Window Shrouds

Aluminium Window Shrouds

An aluminium shroud or screen offers homeowners several advantages with every installation. Not only are they naturally corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, but they require very little maintenance. 

These options are increasing in popularity across Australia. Aluminium window shrouds create a modern look to any window or security screen and use a robust, recyclable material that enhances your home whilst reducing your carbon footprint. 

While flexible, durable, lightweight, and incredibly malleable, an aluminium window shroud could be considered less versatile in its appearance and design compared to materials like timber. However, their absolute strength, hard-wearing visage and matching security screen options continue to appeal to homeowners.

Wood Window Shrouds

Wood has been a popular choice of material in Australia for decades. A traditional favourite that offers various benefits, a timber window shroud is a go-to option for many homeowners. 

While these types of window awnings can lend a striking contrast to the façade of any home, not many timber varieties can withstand harsh sun or heavy rain conditions over the long term. To ensure a window shroud offers the desired security, protection, and pleasing aesthetics, it must be adequately maintained.  If this is not done, their abilities are compromised, and they can even become fire hazards. 

A traditional wood window shroud or screen can be flexible in its appearance, with the option to change colours and finishes making it an attractive choice for individuals looking to integrate them into an established theme or architectural style. 

Wood window designs also allow homeowners to find carbon-negative sources to help reduce their carbon footprints. 

Invest in a Modern Aluminium Window Shroud from KNS Metals

At KNS Metals, we believe that aluminium is the clear victor when it comes down to aluminium vs. wood. As such, we offer a range of modern aluminium window shrouds that elevate the look of features like a window or security screen, all while providing long-lasting protection from rain, sun, and other weather conditions. 

To learn more about our expertly designed products, contact our team today by calling (03) 9706 4808 or submitting an online enquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.