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Best Uses of Aluminium Perforated Sheet in Home Design

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Best Uses of Aluminium Perforated Sheet in Home Design

For countless years, many critical and powerful applications for perforated metal sheets have been a cornerstone in commercial and industrial facilities in Brisbane and beyond. But while industrial and architectural applications don’t often share materials, architects and home builders are now harnessing these sheets to use in residential designs and decorative metal products.

Aluminium perforated sheets fill a gap in design because of their unique characteristics that meet structural and ornamental needs. Its appearance enhances many different types of aesthetical designs, and homeowners can use it to shield and enclose areas. At the same time, the perforations allow light and ventilation and make spaces feel open.

For architects or handypeople alike in Brisbane, check out our list of the best-perforated metal sheet applications from our team at KNS Metals to bring more practicality and design into your space.

Stair Balustrade

Stairs have been a challenge for architects for as long as buildings have existed – they’re a practical necessity, but how do you make them blend into the background and still look good?

Perforated metal balustrades are the perfect answer. In the right setting, using this metal to line the stair treads to the handrail creates visual openness and elegance in the feature while also blending the balustrade cleanly into the walls around them. Perforated metals can be equally as spectacular as floor-to-ceiling wall dividers that allow light to connect two rooms.


On that note, if clean lines and openness are essential to your space, consider installing a complete perforated metal staircase rather than just the balustrades, including the treads and risers. Perforated metal stairs have a mesh-like appearance, so as people use them, they can see through the stairs what they’re walking above, adding an extra character element.

Beyond appearance, this metal is durable and robust, which is critical for a staircase to hold weight and maintain its structure. Its perforations provide extra resistance, offering more safety for outdoor staircases prone to rain.


The spaces in your house that connect open areas into finer spaces are perfect locations to infuse perforated metal sheets into the design. They allow light to filter through to help rooms blend through a beautiful visual connection. If you have black or darkened walls, white perforated metal walkways can provide a gripping contrast that modernises your space while adding elegance and openness. This material also works very well to line suspended walkways above stairs because of its strength and structural integrity.

Taking your vision outdoors, locker perforated metal can take your garden walkways to a new level. In many city properties, gardens are well curated and designed, with precise corners and landscaping. Including perforated metal sheets into your garden walkways can fit perfectly into this well-curated setting while adding an industrial and modern flair.

Exterior Screen or Balcony Balustrade

Modern residential architecture is becoming more advanced than simply painting or rendering exterior walls. Screens are a fantastic way to add complexity and character to the outside of your home, and there are many great spots to feature a screen. In townhouses or city homes, you can extend privacy by using an exterior screen on your terrace, front porch or backyard and limit the view into your space.

If you have a terrace or a balcony, you can use a corrugated perforated sheet as the balustrade, which offers similar benefits to an exterior screen. They offer strong protection and safety while adding light, modern design and flair to your balcony. 

Exterior Feature or Awning

Many homeowners are using artistical, custom-designed perforation screens to create feature pieces and walls that take their outdoor design to a whole new level.

Perforated metal screens create an enclosure within an outdoor space, and choosing the right colour will allow greater flow and seamless integration to your exterior walls. They don’t just come in a mesh pattern, either; you can procure your sheet in different sizes, styles, shapes and colours to ensure its practicality is matched with aesthetical delight.

Exterior Facade

Some architects have successfully taken perforated screens the whole way and covered a wall, house or section of a house with a custom-designed perforated metal screen. These can look stunning and unique and offer different characteristics throughout the year.

When placed over painted walls, the perforated patterns provide complexity with a coloured-wall backdrop, and as the sun moves across the sky, its shadow casts different shades throughout the day. At night, the right lighting behind the facade can glow the metal screen to create some magazine-level architectural design.

For more information on how you can introduce perforated metal in your Brisbane property, please contact us at KNS Metals.