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Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting in metal fabrication provides a large of benefits that traditional methods can not. The precision accuracy means higher quality finishes and assemblies and the computer-generated rendering means that almost any job can be completed – regardless of the complexity. It also delivers massive time efficiencies...

Using laser cutting to create stunning decorative screen These days, it’s commonplace to see architectural screens used as a way to install privacy solutions, without taking away from visual appeal. Especially as modern trends continue to evolve, more and more professionals in the design industry are...

There are plenty of materials that can be cut with a laser cutter, and plenty that cannot be. So in this post, we’re running through all the options available to you, as well as those worth avoiding. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)/artificial leather/pleather/vinyl Why? PVC emits chlorine gas when it’s altered. It’s...

Fine laser cutting is the perfect technology for specific requirements, usually in relation to manufacturing medical components and tools.it also allows designers to get a highly precise design in terms of pattern and shape, for specific devices in the pharmaceutical industry. From surgical tools used for...