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Choosing The Right Pattern Perforated Metal For Your Project

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Choosing The Right Pattern Perforated Metal For Your Project

Perforated metal is a type of sheet metal with small holes punched into it, creating a loose and lightweight material that can be used for many different applications, including ventilation, sound deadening, filtration, decorative accents, and shielding. As such, pattern-perforated metal sheets are commonly used in many developments and buildings, and their popularity is only increasing across many sectors. 

The sheets themselves also have fantastic decorative styles available in just about any size and style. You would have likely seen architects, designers, and engineers make the most of perforated metal panels in many different ways. From steel to copper, aluminium and brass, they’re harnessed in feature walls, screens, railings, facades, filters and more. While they look great in many settings and add a depth of character, they provide much more than their architectural appearance.

With the right pattern, material and colour, you can control the atmosphere in the space by influencing the environmental effects of sound, light, heat and airflow. So, that leaves you with one burning question to answer to perfect your project; which perforated metal panels are right for you? 

KNS Metals has everything you need to know below.

Consider the Panels Purpose

Perforated metal panels have many excellent applications, and selecting the best option for your project comes down to understanding its purpose. 

Will it be used to control lighting? Do they need to absorb acoustics to make your space more peaceful? Or is it solely for aesthetic purposes? Selecting the right pattern is an integral part of meeting the goal of the panels.

KNS Metals can help you determine the best pattern for performance and produce high-quality panels for your project.

Understand the Special Needs of Your Project

Before you can begin selecting the most attractive aesthetic for your metal sheets projects, be sure to also review any special requirements to shortlist your options. These include:

Structural stress

If your perforated metal sheet needs to withstand great stresses, it must be built with strength as the primary focus. While these panels can’t be used as structural supporters, they can still encounter various stresses like exposure to heavy wind or supporting people’s body weight. Strength in panels varies on material type, thickness and pattern; fortunately, your manufacturer can advise you on the strongest combination.

Hole size, pitch and style

The perforations in metal panels influence a lot of their characteristics. Sheets with a greater number of thicker holes will have a lower strength, but the perforations also affect how suitable it is for a particular project. The distribution, sizes and shape of holes affect the overall efficiency of the panels, so it’s important to discuss your needs with your manufacturer. Quality providers will be able to create panels suited to the needs of your job.

Perforation shape has a minimal effect on strength and suitability and is mainly a concern of aesthetics. Pitch is another vital element in a panel style, and these arrangements give projects their unique and decorative flair. After all, perforations don’t just come circular; square, hexagonal and slotted holes can also enhance the appearance of many applications. 

Below we’ll explain the most common hole shapes and their purposes:

  • Circular: Round hole shapes provide a simple and economical finish that suits most applications. It’s great for air control, especially where air conditioning and heating systems are used, and they also look great if architectural appearance is a priority.
  • Square: Square patterned holes are ideal when you need fresh air to flow through the space and maximise the view through the panels. Square slots are also associated with durable sheets, which provide impact-load resistance for a strong barrier.
  • Slot: Perforated metal sheet with a slot pattern has long rectangles with half-circle ends, and they’re revered for their versatile shapes. These sheets are great for material screening and sorting materials like grains and seeds, so they’re commonly used in manufacturing.
  • Decorative Perforations: Perforated sheet metal can also come in ornamental or decorative perforation types. These include unique patterns that are especially visually pleasing and can help to create cosy and inviting atmospheres.

KNS Metals – Custom Perforated Metal Panels

At KNS Metals, we understand that selecting the right perforated metal sheets comes with some ambiguity – there is so much to choose from! This is why we offer more than just standard panels. We use specialised machinery such as Turret Punches to develop premium quality sheets that serve their appearance and functionality long into the future. 

We’re also here to help you along the way, in the planning phases and if you need advice about what’s best for your venue or project. Whether you want a full 3mm perforated aluminium sheet or something finer to restrict airflow, we custom-make bespoke panels to a high standard every time. Contact us today for more.