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DIY Wood & Metal Planter Box Designs

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DIY Wood & Metal Planter Box Designs

The explosive interest in plants for both residential and commercial settings in recent years has paved the way for more creative ideas in landscaping – one being the rise of DIY planter boxes. You can find both functional and aesthetic excuses for DIY planter boxes, from small home projects to large-scale business setups.

Depending on your needs, you can decide to adopt either steel planter boxes or traditional wooden options, and if you’re looking for more particular designs, you can hire even hire professional laser cutting services in Melbourne for a high-quality finish.

To help get started, the team at KNS Metals have compiled some of the most common planter box designs for you to try.

3 Planter Box Designs to Try

1. Cylindrical Planters

A well-crafted, cylindrical planter can house a single flowering plant or a specimen tree. You can use roll sheet metal or corrugated metal with varying dimensions depending on your needs.

Whether you’re going for a portable planter box or a fixed alternative, remember to install drain holes on the bottom of your planter to avoid flooding. As you are working with metal, flatbed laser cutting might do the job if you already have a particular design in mind.

2. Large Vegetable Garden Planters

The dimensions of corrugated metal roofing are just the perfect fit for the walls of a large planter. Just get two sheets for the sides, then add a third cut in half for the two end walls. Now, you have enough space for abundant vegetation.

To make the garden planter even more efficient, frame the metal with either 1×4 or 2×4 lumber. It will act as a rigid support for the weight of the soil, and if you cover the sharp edges with an outer frame, you’ll have a finish that completes the look.

3. Boat-Shaped Flower Boxes

If you’re interested in building a window box, you can achieve this with a curved metal sheet along the long axis, making a long, narrow planter. The real hack here is by cutting U-shaped wooden sides to fit into the metal shape, as it will allow the soil to settle inside the planter.

Additional Tips for DIY Metal & Wooden Planter Boxes

  • Only use rot-resistant wood to build planter boxes to avoid premature decay. Cedar and redwood are great examples.
  • Pressure-treated lumber is ideal for flower boxes. Contrarily, they don’t make excellent containers for edibles due to their toxic chemical contents.
  • Use lightweight, soilless growing mix to fill the planters. It allows plants the needed drainage to grow properly in a confined space.
  • Always wear protective gear when working with sheet metal and corrugated roofing materials. Leather gloves, for example, are essential for avoiding cuts from sharp edges.

Steel Planter Box Materials from Australia’s Top Manufacturer

By now, you must be brimming with inspiration and ideas. The good news is we at KNS Metals can make it all happen for you.

You can choose your materials based on your desired aesthetics and functionality:

  • Mild steel that rusts for a country look
  • Stainless or galvanised steel for an eternal smooth finish
  • Wear-resistant aluminium
  • Powder-coated steel or aluminium
  • Copper, bronze, or brass

Let’s turn your design into reality. Contact us at KNS Metals today by calling (03) 9706 4808.