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How Sheet Metal Is Made

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How Sheet Metal Is Made

Manufacturing sheet metal is one of the most important technologies in production today. Over the past decade, the demand for various sheet metal products has increased dramatically, mostly because of the rapidly expanding need for modern trades. But there is more to this field of manufacturing than simply bending metal into shape, and this article seeks to explore that in more depth. From car bodies to surgical tables, join us as we discover the processes, uses, and benefits of using sheet metal in our modern world.

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

This is a set of manufacturing processes that describe the action of forming sheets of metal – often steel or aluminium – into practical parts that can then be used across a range of industries and for a variety of purposes. Through this process, metal structures are created through the following three methods:

Cutting: This determines what size the metal sheet will be, and includes slicing, chiselling, torching, shaving, or arithmetical control cutting via a laser or abrasive water jet to achieve desired outcomes.

Bending (also known as deforming): This is where the precise shape of the metal is established. Using a hammer or press-brake, the metal can be formed into various shapes, including V and U shapes for small things like door hinges and furniture fittings, or larger things like truck grills or helicopter bodies. 

Assembly: This is the final stage of the process, and involves attaching different pieces of sheet metal together using common fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and rivets along with welding or adhesive binding methods to form new products.

You’d Be Surprised How Much Rely on Manufacturing Sheet Metal

Without sheet metal fabrication, things like furniture, house frames, and helpful machinery might not exist, amongst many other things such as:

Transport – Think about the rounded edges of a car’s bonnet or the intricate design of a plane’s wings – these are made possible with fabricated metal.

Leisure – If you’ve been to a local playground recently, you’ll know swings and slides are a lot sturdier than they used to be. Again, this is thanks to the advancement of sheet metal fabrication and the refined processes that go into making sure products are robust and durable.

Medicine – Metal fabrication is vital in the medical industry, with things like x-ray machines and other diagnostic scanning tools, metal hospital beds, and even immunisation needles all relying on the highly advanced process.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Fabrication?

Fabrication provides a range of advantages, from multibillion-dollar companies to individuals trying some home DIY for the first time, including:

  • Lightweight sheets mean it’s easy to move around and simple to work with, reducing travel costs.
  • The metal is tremendously robust and durable, rendering it extremely versatile in its use.
  • The malleability of sheet metal allows it to be cut, stretched, bent, and formed in many possible shapes, making it the perfect material for just about every industry.
  • Its low cost and great availability means repairing, replacing, and upgrading potentials are affordable and readily accessible.

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